Tutorials – Certification Level 1

To assist with your Bukiwaza training and preparation for certification, if desired, here are some videos showing what is required and the type of presentation style for assessment. The videos shown are not (necessarily) the complete requirements for the levels listed:



Ken Tutorials


1st Ken Suburi
Aikido: 1-3 Ken Suburi


7 Ken Suburi




Jo Tutorials


Jo Suburi No.1
Jo Suburi No.2
Jo Suburi No.3
Jo Suburi No.4
Tsuki gedan-gaeshi
Jo Suburi No.5
Tsuki jōdan-gaeshi-uchi
Jo Suburi No.6
Jo Suburi No.7
Renzoku uchikomi
Jo Suburi No.8
Men’uchi gedan-gaeshi
Jo Suburi No.9
Men’uchi ushiro-tsuki
Jo Suburi No.10
Gyaku-yoko’men ushiro-tsuki
Jo Suburi No.11
Katate gedan-gaeshi
Jo Suburi No.12
Katate tōma-uchi
Jo Suburi No.13
Katate hachi-no-ji gaeshi
Jo Suburi No.14
Hassō-gaeshi uchi
Jo Suburi No.15
Hassō-gaeshi tsuki
Jo Suburi No.16
Hassō-gaeshi ushiro-tsuki
Jo Suburi No.17
Hassō-gaeshi ushiro-uchi
Jo Suburi No.18
Hassō-gaeshi ushiro-barai
Jo Suburi No.19
Hidari nagare-gaeshi-uchi
Jo Suburi No.20
Migi nagare-gaeshi-tsuki


20 Jo Suburi – Video No. One