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Ken – Additional Training Notes

To assist with your Bukiwaza training and preparation for certification, if desired, here are some additional videos offering supplementary information and instruction. These videos are intended to guide the Bukiwaza student a greater understanding of Iwama weapons and the relationship with the body.


Ken: Don’t Think When Cutting Ken: Breathing With Ken
Ken: More Than Ken Basics
Ken: Aiki-Ken Footwork
Ken: Aiki Ken
Ken: Explaining Ken & Body Together (Bukiwaza-Taijutsu Relationship)
Ken: Swinging The Iwama Bokken
Ken: Floating Ken And Feet
Ken: 1st Teaching Film: Ken And Shihonage




Ken: Striking Tanrenuchi Ken: Tanrenuchi Empty Hand


Ken: Tanrenuchi Combination


Ken: Tanrenuchi Test


Ken: Tanrenuchi “Why”