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After many years of deliberation Sensei Tony Sargeant has now made the decision to offer formal examinations, to be known as Iwama Ryu Bukiwaza Certification. This formal licencing is offered to those Aikidoka wishing to have their Iwama Ryu Bukiwaza techniques acknowledged as correct, through rigorous testing by Sensei Sargeant.


To help introduce the Bukiwaza certification Sensei Sargeant has made two explanatory videos with details of the history of the licencing, originally created by Saito Sensei as well as how you can apply and what would be expected in general terms. Additional videos are included on this website which give further detail to the requirements and also common issues that arise whilst training in Iwama weapons.


Sensei Sargeant’s desire is that, by offering Iwama Ryu Bukiwaza Certification, students who wish to ensure they are continuing to correctly train in Saito Sensei’s weapons system will be offered validation and formal certification. Successful testing, either in person or via remote submission will be acknowledged with a licence certificate.


Why Do The Bukiwaza Levels – Video One

Why Do The Bukiwaza Levels – Video Two